Controller for variable cylinder number engine


PURPOSE:To improve the motive power efficiency and reduce the shock on switching to the all cylinder operation state by executing switching after the lapse of a certain time from the time whee cylinder switch is judged in case of gentle acceleration operation and executing switching with released delay in case of sharp acceleration. CONSTITUTION:The fuel injection pulse signal obtained in an electronic fuel injection controlling circuit 14 on the basis of the signals obtained from an air flow meter 4 and an ignition coil 15 is inputted into a cylinder quantity judging circuit 16, and each of whole cylinder operation signal and half cylinder operation signal is outputted in accordance with the engine load obtained from the above-described input signal. Opening and closing of a cut-off valve 7, fresh-air intake valve 8, and a fuel injection valve 9 is controlled by the output of the circuit 16 through a switch control circuit 18. Said switch control circuit 18 is constituted so as to control switching of cylinders after the lapse of a predetermined time after cylinder switching to all cylinder operation state is judged in gentle acceleration operation, while so as to immediately switch cylinders in case of sharp acceleration.




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