Document producing machine


PURPOSE:To produce a desired document at a high speed with high efficiency and to copy or record the document contents on a cassette tape, etc., by selecting the typical documents stored in a picture storage device with addition of retrieval numbers by inputting a retrieval key. CONSTITUTION:The retrieval number of a desired typical document is fed with a retrieval key 7, and a controller 2 decodes the retrieval number and feeds a control signal to a retrieval control part 11 to drive a picture storage device 1. The desired film picture is scanned by the light beam projected from a picture converter 12 and converted into electric signals. These signals are stored in a register 13 in the form of the picture information. At the same time, a sheet of typical document is shown at a picture display device 14 of a CRT, etc. Under such conditions, a print key 10 is pushed to copy the contents stored in the register 13 by a copying device 17. These contents of document can also be recorded to a medium like a cassette tape, etc. by a recording device 18.




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