Multi-chamber dry etching apparatus


PURPOSE: To provide the titled apparatus capable of enhancing mass productivity and processing accuracy, by such simple constitution that a plurality of wafers placed on a lower electrode plate are covered by inner chambers provided with upper electrode plates each having a gas discharge orifice at every each wafer. CONSTITUTION: In a multi-chamber dry etching apparatus having such constitution wherein, an upper and a lower electrode plates 2, 3 connected to cooling water pipes 5, 5' are cooled in a chamber 1 vented through gas discharge ports 7, 8, and are connected to high frequency power sources 4, 4 while a plurality of wafers 10' are placed on the above mentioned lower electrode plate 3 and reaction gas is supplied from gas discharge port not shown by the drawing provided to the upper electrode plate through a valve 6, a plurality of the above mentioned wafers 10' are covered individually by internal chambers 16 each having the above mentioned upper electrode plate 2 attached thereto so as to leave gaps to the lower ends thereof to enable the etching of high preciseness and to obtain constitution not necessitating a special complicated conveying mechanism. COPYRIGHT: (C)1984,JPO&Japio




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