Leading/trailing type drum brake


PURPOSE:To aim at effectively use a lining material of a trailing shoe to prolong the usable time thereof, and to simplify the manufacture thereof, by making a leading shoe in a floating type and as well by making the trailing shoe in a pivot type. CONSTITUTION:In a leading shoe 3, a lining 3a is wore due to its self-servo action maximumly in the vicinity of the position B. The end face of a shoe web 4b is abutted against an arcuate section 10a which is a contact surface of an anchor block 10 with respect to a trailing shoe 4, having a radius (r) of curvature. In this arrangement, by making the radius of curvature of the end face of the web 4b slightly less than the radius (r) of curvature of the anchor block 10, smooth rotation may be obtained. The shoe 4 is made in a pivot shape which allows the shoe 4 to rotate substantially about the center point P, as its pivot point, of the radius (r) of curvature of the anchor block 10, and the lining 4c is wore maximaly in the direction D which is orthogonal to the line C connected between the center point O of the brake and the center point P of the radius (r) of curvature so that the life of the shoe against abrasion may be prolonged.




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