PURPOSE:To obtain a polarizer which provides excellent contrast while used for a surface matrix display type liquid crystal device by arraying a polarizing and a nonpolarizing area of specific width alternately in parallel. CONSTITUTION:The polarizer 1 is formed by arraying an area A with a polarizing function and an area B having no polarizing function alternately; (i) the width of the area B is <=50mum (preferably, 10-35mum) and (ii) the width of area A is more than three times as wide as the width of area B (preferably, 4.5-20 times). Said polarizer is manufactured by forming a pattern corresponding to parts of the area A on a stretched film of, for example, polyvinyl alcohol by photolithography, adsorbing iodine, etc. and orienting to exposed parts corresponding to the area B, and then removing the remaining pattern.




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