Preparation of coke


PURPOSE: To increase the bulk density of charged coal in the whole carbonization chamber remarkably, and to improve the quality and productivity of coke, etc., by granulating a part of the charging coal, and charging the mixture of the granulated coal and the rest part of the charging coal into the carbonization chamber at a high speed. CONSTITUTION: For example, a part of the charging coal is granulated by a granulator, etc., and the granulated coal (e.g. coal briquette) is mixed with the rest part of the charging coal. The coal mixture is accelerated e.g. by a pair of belt conveyors 3 running at high speed, and charged into the carbonization chamber 4 of a coke oven. The amount of the granulated coal in the charging coal is preferably ≤50%. COPYRIGHT: (C)1984,JPO&Japio




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