Cylindrical sliding bearing device

  • Inventors: IIZUKA TERUO
  • Assignees: Hitachi Ltd
  • Publication Date: March 29, 1984
  • Publication Number: JP-S5954818-A


PURPOSE:To cool a bearing from both inside and outside by introducing the oil, which is drawn up by an oil disk from an oil sump, also onto the external diameter part of the bearing. CONSTITUTION:Lubricating oil, which is drawn by an oil disk 72 and raked out by an oil raking metal 4, is gathered in an oil sump 3f and is supplied from a feed oil port 3a underneath to the inner diameter part of a bearing in order to lubricate and cool the bearing. Since the lubricating oil is supplied from upper and lower feed oil ports 8 also to the outer diameter part of the bearing, the outside of the bearing is cooled as well.




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