Method and apparatus for continuous letterpress printing


PURPOSE: To permit the printing of long (tens meters) printing medium by a method in which plural flexible relief printing plates having different contents are continuously supplied to a plate cylinder and wound around the cylinder detachably, and printing of different contents is orderly made on papers advancing between the plate cylinder and a compression cylinder. CONSTITUTION: A long paper 1 is sent out of a paper supplier 11 and inserted between a plate cylinder 2 and a compression cylinder 3. Flexible relief plates 4 are sent one by one onto a chain conveyer 6 from a relief printing plate stacked section 5 into the space between a pulley 8 and the plate cylinder 2. The flexible relief plates are coupled with a guide pin provided at the edge of the plate cylinder 2, wound around the plate cylinder 2, and turned. Printing is made between the plate cylinder 2 and the compression cylinder 3 by means of the relief plates 4 inked by an ink roll 9, and the relief plates after the printing are separated from the plate cylinder by a vacuum sucker 15. COPYRIGHT: (C)1984,JPO&Japio




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