Heat sensitive recording material


PURPOSE:To improve the density and the sharpness of an image, in a heat sensitive recording material obtained by forming a heat sensitive color forming layer on a support, by laminating a high molecular substance layer with heat conductivity of a predetermined value or less onto the heat sensitive color forming layer. CONSTITUTION:For example, a heat sensitive color forming layer containing a leuco dye, a color developer and a binder is formed on a support such as paper or a plastic film and colorless or light colored high molecular substance with heat conductivity of 0.15kcal/m.Hr. deg.C or less such as polystyrene, polybutadiene or polyester is used to be laminated to said color forming layer in a thickness of 0.5-10mum, pref., 1.0-3mum. Thus obtained heat sensitive recording material can sufficiently perform the blocking of heat transmitted to the heat sensitive layer, especially, in performing recording by a close adhesion reflection printing system.




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