Pattern distance converter


PURPOSE:To perform transmission of distance which is accurately coincident with an Euclid distance, by storing the scalar value showing a distance after analyzing it into the vector value and performing transmission with the vector value while carrying out evaluation with the scalar value respectively. CONSTITUTION:The value to be supplied to internal registers ERX0 and ERY0 of each of cells 2-17 respectively as the initial value is set by a synchronizing signal TSYNC given from a CPU1. Then the contents of registers ERX0 and ERY0 are sent to nearby cells ERXi and ERYi prior to the repeating process. Thus a repetitive operation is carried out for conversion of distance by transferring the value sent from the nearby cells. Then the CPU1 completes the repetitive operation when a signal SRUN supplied from each of cells 2-17 through a bus 18 is set at 0, i.e., when the distance value has no change at all points.




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