Attaching and detaching device of casting implement


PURPOSE:To improve the reliability of a titled device and to make a control device simple and inexpensive by fixing plural movable parts and a stationary section provided with driving power parts for said movable parts to a tundish and providing a handling part for a casting implement to the front end of the horizontal movable part. CONSTITUTION:A tundish 1 is moved upward and the bottom end of an immersion nozzle 6 is brought upper than the top surface of a casting mold 2 in the case of removing the nozzle 6. At the same time, a horizontal movable part 8-2 is advanced to stop a groove 15 below a projection 7 for hoisting, and a movable part 8-1 for lifting and turning is moved upward by the operation of a driving power part 9-2 for lifting and is then stopped, then the projection 7 is removed from a hook 5 and the nozzle 6 is suspended in a handling part 11 for a casting implement. The part 8-2 is thereafter retreated by the operation of a driving power part 9-3 for horizontal movement and the movable part 8-1 is rotated around the shaft A by the operation of a driving power part 9-1 for rotation to remove the nozzle 6. The mounting of the nozzle 6 is accomplished in the reverse way.




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