PURPOSE:To automate the removal of slag formed in the groove of a closed curving shape and to make the same efficient, by using a slag grinder and a slag sucker operating cooperatively with a welding torch. CONSTITUTION:A slag grinder 20 and a slag sucker 24 are mounted to the mounting plate 10 of a welding torch 15, and the respective bottom end parts of a chipper 19 and a suction nozzle 22 are inserted together with the forward end part of the torch 15 into the groove of a closed curving shape and are positioned. The grinder 20 and sucker 24 are operated cooperatively with the movement of the torch 15 traveling along the weld line to grind the slag in the groove with the chipper 19 and to suck away the ground slag with the nozzle 22. The automatic and efficient removal of the slag formed in the deep groove is thus made possible.




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