Positioning of wafer and substrate having pattern to be transferred


PURPOSE:To improve the yield of chips, by a method wherein blank regions where no pattern is formed are provided at positions on a substrate and a wafer which correspond to each other, and alignment is effected in accordance with the blank regions. CONSTITUTION:Separately from monitor chips 13, 14, 15 with special patterns drawn thereon which are provided in the center, blank chips (blank regions) 17, 18 are substantially symmetrically provided in the peripheral portions of a mask 11 and a wafer 12, thereby to make it easy to observe a figure representing the contour of each of chips 16 existing around the blank chips when the mask 11 is overlaid on the wafer 12. First, the monitor chips 13, 14, 15 are aligned, and then, the figures of the chips in the vicinities of the blank chips 17, 18 are overlaid one upon another. If the blank chips 17, 18 are provided near portions 17', 18' which are removed as unnecessary portions when the wafer 12 is cut into chips 16, losses are reduced, and the manufacture becomes economical.




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