2-cycle engine


PURPOSE:To improve combustion efficiency by the formation of strong swirling flow, by effectively discharging the combusted gas in the concaved part on the upper surface of a piston by the swirling flow in the space formed with said concaved place and with a guide groove when the piston approaches top dead center, thus increasing the scavenging efficiency. CONSTITUTION:A spherical concaved place 16 is formed on the upper surface 5a of a piston 15, and a combustion chamber 22 is set in nearly semispherical form having a spark plug 23 as center, and thus flame propagation distance, namely combustion time is reduced, and combustion efficiency is improved. When the piston 15 rises and comes close to the concaved place the top dead center, a compression force is generated, and the mixed gas flow A which flows towards the bottom part of the concaved place 16 from the outer peripheral part of the piston 15 and the mixed gas flow B which is directed upward the concaved place 16 from the outer perhiphery of the piston 15 are formed in a guide groove 25. Thus, a strong swirling flow 29 is formed on ignition time, and agitation of the mixed gas is accelerated, and combustion efficiency is improved.




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