Method for coating optical fiber


PURPOSE: To uniformly coat the surface of an optical fiber with resin, by placing a separator for separating a flow of resin formed by the passage of the fiber into a downward flow and an upward flow in the vessel of a coating die. CONSTITUTION: In a method for coating an optical fiber 4 with resin 3 by passing the fiber 4 through a coating die 1 holding the resin 3, a circular separator 5 is placed in the die 1 so that the fiber 4 is passed through the center of the separator 5. The separator 5 has a columnar surface for forming a downward flow of resin 3 at the inside and a circular inclined surface for forming an upward flow of resin 3 between the surface and the side wall of the vessel 2 at the outside. Since the separator 5 separates smoothly a circulating flow of resin 3 in the die 1 into downward and upward flows without causing turbulence, the optical fiber 4 is uniformly coated with the resin 3. COPYRIGHT: (C)1984,JPO&Japio




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