False twisting nozzle for bind spinning


PURPOSE:To obtain good bind spun yarns, by extending fibers on the outer periphery of a fiber bundle to be fed to a twisting part more than in the core part with a fiber path tube having many connected to the twisting part, having many slits, and provided on the upstream side of the twisting part and further a rotating ring made of an electrifiable material on the outside thereof. CONSTITUTION:A false twisting nozzle 1 for bind spinning constituted of an introductory part 3 and a twisting part 4. The introductory part 3 is constituted of a fiber path tube connected to the twisting part 4 and a ring 7 consisting of an electrifiable material rotatably provided on the outside thereof through bearings 6. The fiber bath tube has many slits radially passing therethrough. The ring 7 is ratated by driving with a running belt 8 in contact therewith, and a pad 9 consisting of a material having the different sequence in electrification series is brought into contact with the outer periphery of the ring 7 to charge the ring 7 with static electricity. Thus, the outer periphery of the fiber bundle passing through the fiber path tube can be fully extended.




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