Device for vapor phase crystal growth


PURPOSE:To form a susceptor support attached to a revolving shaft in a vapor phase crystal growth device in such a way that said support is highly resistant to corrosion and contamination and withstands repetition of an ordinary temp. and a high temp. by forming said support of a ceramic sintered body consisting of SiC, AlN, etc. CONSTITUTION:A susceptor support 2 which is attached to a revolving shaft 3 of a vapor phase crystal growth device and supports a susceptor 1 is formed of a ceramic sintered body consisting of SiC, AlN and Si3N4 or consisting essentially thereof and added with a sintering auxiliary such as Y2O3 or CeO2, etc. or is formed of a composite ceramic sintered body of Si3N4 and Al2O3. The shaft 3 is preferably formed of Ti or Ti alloy. A susceptor support which can support securely and surely the susceptor 1 is thus obtd.




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