Original reader


PURPOSE:To stabilize the moving speed of an original by clipping an original with a driving belt placed at the back side of the original and having a width equal to that of the original and a transparent body so as to prevent generation of shadow and transmission of erroneous information. CONSTITUTION:When the original is placed on an original placing plate 18, a sensor 20 outputs a signal. A pickup roller 21 is operated based on this signal and the original is carried. Only an uppermost sheet of the original clipped by a carrying belt 25 and a carrying roller 30 is carried and placed under a glass plate while being clipped by the carrying belt 25 and the carrying roller 30 and carried. The original is read at this position while being moved. The original finished for reading is discharged to a tray 33. Since the original is clipped by two flat plates 25 (carrying belt), 29 in the reading of the original, no shadow is read because of a curled or slacked sheet. Since the movement during reading is conducted by the belt 25 driven be a driving pulley 26a, an accurate and stable reading signal is outputted.




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