Device for manufacturing semiconductor


PURPOSE:To die-bond a semiconductor in high reliability by providing a tunnel type heating vessel, a hole for supplying a semiconductor chip to a semiconductor part and a nonoxidative gas injecting hole formed above the hole. CONSTITUTION:A nonoxidative gas injecting hole 12a which is opened in a slit shape at the lower side of longitudinal direction of a box-shaped gas reservoir 12 is formed at the reservoir 12 having a size longer than the diameters of holes 6a, 6b of an upper plate in a nonoxidative atmosphere forming unit 11, and disposed at sides of the holes 6a, 6b of the upper plate. The gas supplied to the reservoir 12 is connected through a gas guide tube 13 which is provided at the top of the reservoir and a flexible tube 14 connected to the tube 13 to a gas source. In this manner, the atmosphere in the vessel is improved in the oxidation resistance and stabilized, thereby performing a die bonding having high reliability.




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