Plate pieces releasing apparatus


PURPOSE:To take out plate pieces sheet by sheet easily and assurely by joining two belt conveyers at right angles to each other, placing a lot of plate pieces thereon, which are inclined to be shifted one another, and putting down one conveyer horizontally. CONSTITUTION:In case of releasing panels 10 on a pallet 9, the pallet 9 is transferred onto a conveyer 1 from a conveyer 6, and a conveyer 2 is retained in a vertical posture. Subsequently, the whole of both conveyers 1, 2 are in clined to an angle of 45deg, with an angle between both conveyers kept at substantially right angle so that the pallet 9 is slided by its dead load to bring the lower end thereof into contact with the surface of the conveyer 2. Subsequently, the inclination of the conveyer 1 is lessened a little, and the conveyer 2 is gradually laid to be horizontal, which causes all the panels to be slided one another. The conveyer 2 is moved a little to shift the panels 10 little by little, and the forefront panel 10a is sequentially separated and transferred onto a conveyer 7.




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