Pressure equalization device for rotary valve


PURPOSE:To simplify the structure and also to facilitate the operation by providing a biasing member that biases an auxiliary valve body to a normally closed position, which valve body opens and closes a communication hole that communicates the upstream and downstream sides. CONSTITUTION:When an actuating lever 57 for an auxiliary valve body is pushed against the biasing force of a biasing member 62 under a fully closed condition, an auxiliary valve body 41 fixedly attached to an auxiliary valve shaft that moves toward the inner side of a valve box 21 opens communication holes 46, 49, 50 to cause the pressure on the upstream and downstream sides of a main valve body 24 to become nearly equal. Because of this, the main valve body 24 can be rotated by an actuating lever 52 for main valve body with a small force to fully open the flow passage. Thereafter, by removing the load on the auxiliary valve body actuating lever 57, the auxiliary valve shaft 42 moves toward the outside of the valve box 21 by the biasing member 62 to cause the auxiliary valve body to close the communication holes 46, 49, 50.




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