Vehicle headlight



【課題】有効反射面でない所定部位を有効反射面として活用したリフレクタ構造とすることで、光源光を有効利用できる車両用前照灯を提供する。 【解決手段】 ランプボディ11と前面カバー12で画成された灯室S内に、光源20と、光源光を反射制御する配光形成用の有効反射面14a,14bを設けた合成樹脂製リフレクター14とを備えた前照灯で、リフレクタ14に、離型方向であるリフレクタ14前後方向に対しアンダーカットとなる配光改善用の有効反射面14c,14d;14e,14fを付加して、従来にはない配光を得るとともに、リフレクタ14を左右(上下)二分割したリフレクタ分割体140L, 140Rを突き合わせて接合一体化したリフレクターユニット140U構造にして、アンダーカットを回避した。 【選択図】 図11
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a vehicle head light effectively using a light source by a reflector structure utilizing a specified portion which is not an effective reflecting surface as the effective reflecting surface. SOLUTION: The headlight is provided with a light source 20 in a light chamber S which is formed by a lamp body 11 and a front cover 12, and a synthetic resin reflector 14 with effective reflecting surfaces 14a, 14b for forming beam distribution controlling reflection of the light from the light source. Light distribution which did not exist conventionally is acquired by adding effective reflecting surfaces 14c, 14d, 14e and 14f to the reflector 14 for improvement in the light distribution which are made under cuts in the front and back direction for the reflector 14 in a separating direction. In addition, the under cut is evaded by a structure of a reflector unit 140U which is reflector split bodies 140L and 140R, which are two horizontally (vertically) split parts of the reflector 14 abutted and integrated by adhesion. COPYRIGHT: (C)2007,JPO&INPIT




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