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【課題】主に中国などで使われてきた二胡は、演奏時の汎用性が低く、また音響のための構造にも改良の余地があった。 【解決手段】二胡における琴杆と琴弦の間隔を、指盤兼棹部を用いる事で狭くして、手にかかる負担を軽減した。また指盤兼棹部に、目盛りと目盛りに対応した数字表記ないしは記号表記を設け、押弦位置の目視確認を可能にした。また琴筒を琴杆が貫くような構造になっていたものを、本発明においてはネック固定部材や腕曲ネック部材を設け、なおかつ 共鳴胴の固定方法にも工夫を施す事で、共鳴胴の振動つまり共鳴胴の音響に干渉する要素を排除し、音響面の向上を図った。 【選択図】図1
<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a stringed instrument superior in versatility or sound and musical expression, by solving the problems of an erhu (a type of Chinese fiddle) as an instrument. <P>SOLUTION: The interval between a neck and strings in the erhu is narrowed, by using a finger board/bridge part so that the load on a hand is reduced. A scale and a numerical notation or a symbolic notation corresponding to the scale are provided to the finger board/bridge part so that the string-pressing position can be recognized visually. Improvement in sound in those, having a structure in which the neck penetrates through a tube is achieved, by providing a neck-fixing member or an arm curvature neck member and by also devising a method of fixing a resonator body, to eliminate those factors that interfere with the vibration of the resonator body, namely those interfering with the acoustics of the resonator body. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2007,JPO&INPIT




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