PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To improve the humidifying efficiency by preventing impurities such as Ca and Mg from being fixed to one position of a humidifying filter, to facilitate the cleaning of the humidifying filter, and to increase the humidifying quantity while minimizing a main body. SOLUTION: In this humidifier, an ultrasonic oscillator 8 is provided on the bottom of an atomization water tank 7, and a cylindrical humidifying filter 9 is rotatably provided above a water level 10 of the atomization water tank 7. Fine water droplets atomized by the ultrasonic oscillator 8 are uniformly supplied to the humidifying filter 9, whereby the humidifying efficiency is enhanced, and impurities such as Ca and Mg are entirely dispersed and adhered to the humidifying filter 9, whereby its local deterioration is prevented. Further, the level 10 of the water tank 7 is raised by attaching an additional nut part 11 to a water supply tank 6, and the ultrasonic oscillator 8 is operated in a state where the lower part of the humidifying filter 9 is submerged, whereby the filter is ultrasonically cleaned. The water tank 7 provided with the ultrasonic oscillator 8 is constituted to be attachable and detachable so that draining is facilitated. COPYRIGHT: (C)2007,JPO&INPIT
【課題】加湿フィルタにCa、Mgの不純物が一カ所に固着しないようにして、加湿効率を向上し、加湿フィルタの洗浄が簡単にでき、本体が小型で加湿量を増大することを目的とする。 【解決手段】霧化水槽7の底面に超音波振動子8を設け、霧化水槽7の水位10より上方に円筒形状の加湿フィルタ9を回転可能に設け、超音波振動子8で霧化した微細水滴を加湿フィルタ9に満遍なく供給して加湿効率を高めるとともに、Ca、Mgの不純物を全体的に分散して付着させて加湿フィルタ9の局所的な劣化を防ぎ、また給水タンク6に追加ナット部11を付けることで霧化水槽7の水位10を高め、加湿フィルタ9の下部を水没させた状態で超音波振動子8を運転して超音波洗浄を行い、また超音波振動子8が付いた霧化水槽7を着脱可能として、簡単に排水することができる加湿装置が得られる。 【選択図】図1




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