Power transmission device



【課題】 小径の軸に対しても高トルクを伝達できて且つ低動力損失の圧縮機に取り付け可能な動力伝達装置を提供する。 【解決手段】 動力伝達装置(10)は、駆動源からの回転駆動力が伝達される回転可能な回転部(1)と、回転部(1)と被駆動装置の回転軸(5)の一方の端部とに機械的に連絡していて、それらの間における過大トルクの伝達を遮断する動力遮断部材(3)と、一方で回転軸(5)の前記端部に締結し、他方で動力遮断部材(3)に螺子締結して、動力遮断部材(3)からの動力を回転軸(5)に伝達するキャップ(4)とを具備する。回転部(1)と動力遮断部材(3)とキャップ(4)と回転軸(5)は一体的に回転する。キャップ(4)は、回転軸(5)の軸線に対して半径方向に突き出ていて軸力を支持するフランジ部(4h)を具備する。 【選択図】 図1
<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a power transmission device which can transmit high torque even to a small-diameter shaft, and can be mounted on a compressor which requires a big reduction of loss of power. <P>SOLUTION: The power transmission device (10) comprises a rotating part (1) to which rotational driving-force is transmitted from a driving source, a driving-force shutoff member (3) which is mechanically jointed to the rotating part (1) and one end of a rotating shaft (5) of a to-be-driven device to shut off transmission of excessive torque between them, and a cap (4) one part of which is fastened to the end of the rotating shaft (5) and the other end thereof is screwed down to the driving-force shutoff member (3) to transmit the driving force from the driving-force shutoff member (3) to the rotating shaft (5). The rotating part (1), the driving-force shutoff member (3), the cap (4), and the rotating shaft (5) are integrally rotated. The cap (4) is provided with a flange part (4h) which is radially protruded with respect to the axis of the rotating shaft (5) to support the axial force. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2007,JPO&INPIT




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