Insulating resin composite for circuit board and circuit board using the same, electronic apparatus using the circuit board



【課題】基板との密着性に優れるとともにビアホールなどの断面形状の安定性に優れた回路基板用絶縁性樹脂組成物およびそれを用いた回路基板とそれを用いた電子機器を提供することを目的とする。 【解決手段】光分解性樹脂20と熱硬化性樹脂を含むバインダー30と腰切剤50とを有する回路基板用絶縁性樹脂組成物10を用い、粘度の高い状態でビアホールを有する層間絶縁層130を形成する。その後、層間絶縁層130に紫外線を照射することにより光分解性樹脂20を分解し、分解した末端に生成するカルボキシル基により基板110との密着力を向上させるとともに、狭ピッチの導電ビア140を形成できる回路基板100を実現する。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an insulating resin composite for a circuit board which has a superior adhesiveness with a substrate and has a high stability for a cross-sectional shape of a via hole, etc., and also to provide a circuit board using the same and a electronic apparatus using the circuit board. SOLUTION: Using the insulating resin composite 10 for a circuit board which includes a binder 30 containing photodissociation resin 20 and thermosetting resin and a viscosity controlling agent 50, an interlayer insulation layer 130 is formed in a high viscosity state which includes a via hole. Thereafter, the photodissociation resin 20 is decomposed by irradiating ultraviolet rays on the interlayer insulation layer 130, and then the interlayer insulation layer 130 has a higher adhesiveness with the substrate 110 by carboxyl groups formed at the end of the decomposed photodissociation resin 20. By using this insulation resin composite 10 for a circuit board, a circuit board 100 wherein conductive vias 140 can be formed in a narrow pitch can be obtained. COPYRIGHT: (C)2006,JPO&NCIPI




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